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  •  while Bussard is certainly no crackpot (4+ / 0-)
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    Bob Love, baba durag, Arclite, bnasley

    he's sort of like the perennial political candidate who was credible the first few times.

    As I remember he's not asking for $2 or $3 million, he's asking for $200 million because he doesn't want to reproduce the previous machine that he built.

    I haven't watched the video all the way through but there was a big Slashdot thread about it a couple weeks ago and some summaries got posted.

    If we're going to lobby for anything regarding Bussard's machine, it would be for the Navy to let him publish the data that he's already got.

    •  oh yes, forgot to mention (1+ / 0-)
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      baba durag

      Here's one of Bussard's earlier attempts from the 1970's, long before this Navy deal.

    •  I'm for that (1+ / 0-)
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      Publishing.  Also, you're right.  He wants the whole ball of wax for the project.  But listening too him, the first phase is a $2-3 million dollar deal.  That would be provable to a commission of scientists.  Yeah it works.  Or no, it doesn't.  So it would sound like a good investment for someone to put up initial money, with contingency being it won't be fully funded until given the green light by a commission.

      How's that.  I'm ready to manage NASA for crying out loud.  At least until I'm released by a creationist Bush appointee.

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