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View Diary: Carbon Sequestration and Climate Change:  A Review of the Economics and Safety.   (43 comments)

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    Having been, in a previous life before the classroom, a driller and steam-fitter, your diary gave me great pause.  Can the cost of sequestering one unit of CO2 be reduced significantly enough with technological investment to offset the externalities (i.e. consequences) of burning carbon based fuels.

    Since the sequestration technologies do not yet exist to capture that much gas, we cannot (yet) do the cost benefit analysis between the two choices.  So let me speak from the gut.

    (I am putting on my old blue hardhat here).

    I can imagine what I would be asked to build in the way of a CO2 facility; a cross between a super-refinery and a super-drilling platform (to get the gas underground).  Billions and billions would be needed as investment capital for these projects.  Unless someone stands to make a buck it would take global-public investment capital.  The incentives (other than certain extinction of our species) just seem too remote.

    Perhaps we could do much better with massive conservation efforts (remember Al Gores last set of graphs in the film) as the strategy of choice to reduce CO2 consequences to our planet. Don't get me wrong, I love the economies created by pollution control technologies.  It's just that this is beginning to sound a lot like terra-forming (sci-fi for making inhospitable planets inhabitable).

    Just a thought...I would enjoy the diarist's comments.  You really got me going on this one...

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