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    i don't know about france itself, but i live in quebec and they are ridiculous with their "we love frenchiness" laws.  like, about the size of english font on signs (which must always come after the french words, of course) etc.  but quebecois french is very anglicized, orally anyway.  and everyone's always super patient with my lame, non-french-speaking self. not to mention that i just had a dinner of chevre and a baguette, so no complaints on this end.  and i wouldn't feel bad for the french- i think they're doing pretty alright for themselves, occasional american stupidity nonwithstanding :)

    a sort of non sequitur but, in ecuador, the normal word for sleeping bag is "el esleeping".  i giggle at such things :)

    Blackbird singing in the dead of night/Take these broken wings and learn to fly/All your life/You were only waiting for this moment to arise.

    by angelina on Tue Nov 28, 2006 at 05:25:51 PM PST

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