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  •  Sad for our military, our country and our world (0+ / 0-)

    neighbors though!  Some of our younger military have reduced enlistment standards (due to Rummy), many in the middle tier are quitting or have quit, due to the war profiteering and war crimes that have been committed with our stolen tax payer dollars and in our name against the good Afghani and Iraqi people.  The higher tier officers are looking out for their pensions, until they retire!   Bush, Cheney, Rice and their neocon enablers NEED TO RESIGN before Congressional Oversight investigations begin in January.  The  War Profiteering and the War Crimes are hugely criminal and they are MASSIVE!  Our military expects charges against Bush/Cheney/Rice/Rummy for their corporate corruption and crimes in the ME and the only honorable thing for them to do would be to RESIGN now! (Nixon did it, Right?)  We owe the Afghani and Iraqi people as they do not have the option to quit their country because of our corrupt government.

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