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    for some strange reason i was not allowed to post a diary just now when i tried. so i will post it here because it speaks to yours--very much serendipitous. i hope you like it.

    Untitled Diary:

    I will get to Seymour Hersh and Bob Woodward, but first something about C-Span and the clip from yesterday of Lee Hamilton and Tom Dashchle. Where they discuss national security to an audience of students and podcast listeners around the country. A student from Indiana e-mails a question about civil liberties and Hamilton replies that other presidents had rolled back civil liberties in time of war, but with the war on terror we don’t have an answer of when to return to normal. He says foreign policy of the last few years has been unilateral and contributed to the radicalization of Islam, and implied there have been attempts to purchase materials for nuclear weapons.

    Then later in the same interview Hamilton says Congress does not do a good job on intelligence oversight, and all the members of the authorizing and congressional oversight committees that he interviewed personally said Congress is dysfunctional. Everyone he talked to said the Congress is dysfunctional.

    Later, in the very same interview, Hamilton and Daschle lamented the "money chase." Both thought it too bad having to get on airplanes to get places to raise money, and how it’s really accelerated the lives of members of congress. They need to leave the Capitol no later than Thursday night’s last flight out.

    This is not the world we have to accept. The war on terror is bogus. There is no market for fissile nuclear material and it's a falsity to present in any way shape or form that we are in danger of terrorism. Repeat: the war on terror is bogus. Seymour Hersh and Bob Woodward are absolutely secret Neocons. You need proof other than that anything either writes suddenbly becomes common wisdom of the status quo, then I can't help your malfunctioning brain. Remember Kerry trotting out the pottery barn analogy during last presidential election's debates? The farce is orchestrated.

    If we are going to do anything, we need to secure the vote. It needs to be done in a manner that is simple and efficient (some say the Scandinavian countries have good systems, some say Canada has best yet--point is, there’s no reason not to have an inexpensive, reliable system for electoral governance and politics--it’s a crime not too).

    Think tanks do their job, corporate media does its job, and politicians theirs.

    I know this based on my work: eighty to ninety percent of Americans asked favor holding a national convention. Currently there is a chance to do something non-violent/pro-peace based on Article V. Look at it as a collective art installment, as national street theater, or as a bare symbol of the American spirit. Everyone I talk to say they’d love to see a national convention, and they know the only reason we’re not having it is because special interests control the legislative branch.

    Because of a recent action by the Supreme Court, it is now law of the land that Congress decides whether "it shall" call a convention or not.

    The Constitution mandated Congress call once enough states applied--the action was ministerial, not discretional. Since the ruling it’s now up to Congress alone. Which means state applications are no longer necessary for a convention call, as soon as we pressure Congress, we’ll get it and the mechanism will do exactly what the framers knew it would. It would restore the rule of law.

    I would like to live in a world which adheres to the rule of law. It’s possible.

    This is what I’m thinking.....

    I’m thinking a documentary about one hundred Americans united for one thing: Congress to propose a constitutional amendment on electoral reform.

    A date is set and on that date the one hundred meet on the lawn next to the Lincoln Memorial. Each participant will be interviewed as they arrive. They get in a red coverall or a blue coverall and they commence a strike. Each is allowed things for dental hygiene, a travel pillow, bottled water and their choice of clothing underneath.

    On ten steps of the Lincoln Memorial they sit ten in a row, and they strike until a volunteer M.D. determines the striker needs to bow out or risk bodily injury. Over a month the strike will winnow down to a handful and by then the MSM will be drawn in and we’ll get a convention or an amendment.

    Anyone who has ever filmed a documentary knows things can take on a life of their own. And an event like this if orchestrated shrewdly would likely bring down the status quo and human civilization could begin a new golden age.

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