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  •  I've been lurking for a while, decided to sign in (1+ / 0-)
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    to ask a question:

    With Bush's "Presidential Signing Statements" what is to stop him from doing whatever the hell he wants, whether Congress approves or not?

    Couldn't he in fact take a law that Congress signs for only funding certain aspects of the war, and completely change it around all on his own?

    So far, it seems that is exactly what he has done whenever he didn't like the bill he received. How can having Democratic Congressional bills change that?

    Just asking. Thanks for any responses.

    •  My goof, sorry (0+ / 0-)
      I know Congress doesn't actually sign bills, they send them up to be signed, that's what I meant.  Apologies.
    •  Interesting point (1+ / 0-)
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      It would force a "constitutional crisis" to invoke an overused phrase. The signing statements are one thing.  The power of the purse is fundamental to the legislative branch.  If he tried to fuck with that Congress would have to act.

      •  Actually, I have to disagree... (1+ / 0-)
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        to say it "will" force a Constitutional Crisis is pushing it, I think. It COULD force a Constitutional Crisis, but then Dems would really have to stick their neck out to get anything done about it, and I'm not sure every single newly elected Congresscritter will be ready to do that.

        Quite a few of the old Dems who've been around have been wishy-washy of late, allowing Bush to get away with reprehensible power. Remember Joe Biden and the Bankruptcy bill anyone? Good ole' Joe, my Congressman when I was 16 years old - a man I've lost almost complete and utter faith in... and he's not the only one who allowed the stench to pass.

        To say it WILL force a Constitutional Crises I think is wishing and hoping, not the true reality... or maybe after the five years, I've just become a cynic.

        Republicsns have held the discourse for the last five years, and I don't think that aspect will change overnight. Democrats have been afraid to stick their neck out for so long, that I'm not so sure they're ready to take the reins in that respect. Just my thoughts.

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