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View Diary: Bush Appointee Seeks to Cut Budget For Government Audits (4 comments)

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    As the more talented (said through clenched teeth) Bush political appointees that have served for the first 4-6 years flee for jobs in the private sector, or school, or jail, a new crop will come to take their place through the end of the administration.

    They are the C-team's B-team.  If you think the talents of Brownie, ex-FEMA Director and Arabian Horse lobbyist, Ken Tomlinson, the present overseer of US public broadcasting and part-time (government time!) horse better and the litany of other hapless cronies were bad, just wait.

    As the White House increasingly 'phones it in' look for these new people, like Doan, to do, and say, ridiculous things.  Things that continue to damage this country.

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