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View Diary: Suicide bomber strikes Davenport - Media silent (273 comments)

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  •  Because Then Lady Justice Peeks, Is Why (0+ / 0-)

    An understanding of the common thread between these two religions will almost certainly change the policies of the Homeland Security Department, but in what way?

    Suppose that it was generally understood that religious extremists of all stripes comprise an equal and similar threat, are we saying here that governmental policies, as well as our purportedly desired journalistic practices, be tempered to treat both with equal fervor?  Are we claiming that FBI and CIA and TSA (DHS) agents aren't paying enough attention to domestic terrorism (if that phrase denotes Americans doing the bombing)?

    The Failure of Justice to be blind to me is an ominour harbinger of the loss of Lady Liberty herself; we cease to become a nation of laws.

    And ultimately that is the reason for elevating domestic terrorism to the same level as any other murder.  The problem is they have people protecting them from the inside, and ironically the nation that is of men not laws can't touch them, either.  They got ya comin' and goin'!

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