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  •  Intent alone does not make it news worthy (2+ / 0-)
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    This incident is in no way comparable to Oklahoma City, even if no one had died there. This was a hateful act by an ignorant person, but to call it terrorism in the same sense as 9/11 or McVeigh is to dilute the term to near meaninglessness.

    I think you do a disservice to your readers by leaving out basic facts of the case. It's easy to be outraged by the lack of coverage of this story when it is not clear that 1) there was no bomb, 2) the suicidal nature of the attack is speculation, 3) it was not an abortion clinic and no one was in the building. Those factors don't mitigate the crime, but they do mitigate the allegation against the press. Leaving them out takes unfair advantage of people's emotions on the subject of abortion clinic bombings.

    This "Suicide Bomber" not only didn't have a bomb, there is no evidence to say he intended to kill himself. He may have crashed the car only to gain access to the interior. He then set the fire with a Gatorade bottle filled with gasoline (why did he have that?). Rather than dousing himself in gasoline, he then turned himself in. From the article:

    The 45-year-old crashed the Saturn into the central lobby, coming to rest at the counter. When the car did not immediately burst into flames as he may have expected, [reporter's speculation-- Olds88] police said he took gasoline that he had poured into a Gatorade bottle and spread it over the interior. “I lit it,” McMenemy told investigators, and he exited the structure to surrender himself to startled Davenport firefighters.

    “He came out and said to our guys, ‘There’s no one in the vehicle, and that’s my car. I did it,’ ” Hayman related. “Our commander on the scene was very surprised, and he took McMenemy to a squad car and turned him over to police.”

    I urge you to edit your diary to include more of the facts.

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