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  •  This is a very important topic (18+ / 0-)

    I belong to a group that studies school construction and renovation nationwide. We have a serious problem in this country. About 5 years ago, the GAO said that 40% of our schools were actually "uninhabitable." I don't know where that figure is now, but with war spending and Republican priorities, it is very likely to be far worse.

    The implications of the problem go far beyond mere health and safety issues. The walls define the curriculum in many cases. Teachers have given up laboratory science because they don't have hot water, safe storage, ventillation or fire control. Rooms are so crowded that teachers are terrified of any active learning at all.

    Thanks, Ken. I know that topics of election and electability are often more "sexy" and more likely to be recommended in this forum, but this sort of problem forms a cornerstone of tomorrow's democracy. At DK we must expand our mutual sensitivities to the problems of our communities, and become stronger advocates for progressive government in the process. What better place to start than the school around the corner.

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