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    Teachers in my family. My father taught eight grades in a one room school in late 1920s. His brother, a teacher/farmer taught HS 30+ years. Several Aunts taught elementary. Three cousins teach at four year colleges. Sister-in-law 30+ years elementary. Sister and brother-in-law taught HS. Brother head of maintenance for local school district. My wife 40 years elementary and self 4+ years VoTech at community college and (20+ years in construction).
    This does NOT make me an expert on teaching or building maintenance just an indication of my back ground. For the most part our local school district and community college have kept their buildings in good repair. The tax base is just large enough to fund the district and college at an exceptable level. Also school bond votes for new buildings have passed when needed. With that said I still think we are on the edge and school funding will suffer as the population ages and property taxes become a larger burden on retirement income. Local business, industry, and population are all stagnant so spendable income and the local economy could sufer in the near furture.
    By doing repairs as needed our faculities are in average or above average condition. That can't be said of many of the smaller districts in this part of the state. Their tax base does not cover expenses so building maintenance is added to future budgets that are also underfunded.
    I would like to see the money we waste on war used in education. Books not bombs!

    Dammit when god screws-up you are allowed to take his name in vain.

    by AuntieM on Mon Dec 04, 2006 at 08:33:48 AM PST

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