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View Diary: (Global warming) Astroturf: Rockefeller takes on Standard Oil (91 comments)

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  •  Comrade, Big Oil is already quasi-socialist..... (7+ / 0-)

    They extract over $60 billion of oil and gas from PUBLIC LANDS every year, and pay(really underpay) pitiful royalties to the government. And you must add the hundreds of billions of taxpayer money to defend and stabilize their OPEC accomplices.

    •  doubly correct (1+ / 0-)
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      under bush socialist policies have been designed for the benefit of the corporation instead of the people.
      how ironic.

      i wonder how long will those poor suckers in China put up with their socalled Sccialist government, when the rivers and and the air are polluted and the wealth gap is widening. what the hell kind of socialism is that?

      i also think our democratic congress should pass new spending bills, healthcare, minimum wage, along with PAYGO, and simply make everybody else (the pentagon) cut their spending to make the budget balance.

      "Everything is chrome in the future..." Sponge Bob Square Pants

      by agent double o soul on Mon Dec 04, 2006 at 12:59:02 PM PST

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