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View Diary: (Global warming) Astroturf: Rockefeller takes on Standard Oil (91 comments)

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    Boppy, Leila

    we probably lost the chance to do something about it. We are already well down the path toward uncontrolled global climate change. We probably could have taken the "conservative" course of action 20 years ago and altered our output, but that was deemed too costly.

    We still aren't doing squat, and when everyone finally gets on the same page, it will be far, far too late, and everyone will blame us in the future. Sorry kids.

    Our (I truly will probably be dead by the time the sh*t hits the fan, and have no kids) only hope is that Yellowtone will cool the thing down and give people a chance to react and adapt.  

    You can't get away with the crunch, 'cuz the crunch always gives you away

    by dnamj on Mon Dec 04, 2006 at 05:19:39 PM PST

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