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    The "environment" is a two sided issue. On the one side is demand which is rising due to population growth and rising standards of living. The other side are the conservation efforts and "smart growth" themes being pushed by Al Gore and similar people.

    Unfortunately they are all overlooking the fundamental problems. The world is already over-populated. We have 6.5 billion people and this is projected to go to 9 billion by mid century. We are already consuming more resources than can be replenished. We are starting to see the effects of this in water scarcity and regional wars over resources.

    The current economic models all favor "growth" as a way to solve problems. The poor will be lifted out of poverty, the "rising tide lifts all boats" theme offers hope for the future. Economic models are based upon ignoring the "externalities" of resource depletion and pollution. Continued growth is a mathematical impossibility. We need a new economic model and organization for society which is sustainable. The father of this movement is ecological economist Herman Daly. Here are some links to online writings of his (from shortest to longest):

    And to one of mine where I discuss the implications for capitalism in a steady-state society:

    Planning for a no-growth (steady-state) economy

    All current efforts for conservation are inadequate. We have to resize our resource consumption to match the capabilities of the planet. The alternative is global disaster.

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