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  •  It's unclear (1+ / 0-)
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    whether that means they can't pardon their way out of impeachment, or whether they can't pardon any crimes they may also have been impeached for.

    Never play leapfrog with a unicorn.

    by Cream Puff on Tue Dec 05, 2006 at 06:15:17 PM PST

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    •  And it now occurs to me (1+ / 0-)
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      Cream Puff

      that it might also mean that a president who has been impeached but not yet convicted and removed from office cannot pardon crimes. In fact, I'm starting to sway to that interpretation. I guess I would have to go to the Federalist Papers to find out what is meant there. Funny how vague that is.

      Republicans are liars.

      by tr4nqued on Tue Dec 05, 2006 at 10:51:13 PM PST

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