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View Diary: America Before Pearl Harbor - Early Kodachrome Images (321 comments)

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  •  So these are public domain photos? (4+ / 0-)

    Man, make some money for yerself: publish this diary as a coffee-table book (before someone else does!)

    Yet it is not our part to master all the tides of the world, but to do what is in us for the succour of those years wherein we are set... -- Gandalf

    by dnta on Thu Dec 07, 2006 at 03:59:58 AM PST

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    •  upload to wikipedia (4+ / 0-)
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      muddy paws, baccaruda, boofdah, Leila

      if they're public domain and this is carefully checked.

    •  Unlikely to be public domain. (12+ / 0-)

      Photos taken in the 30s would still be covered by US copyright law [don't know if copyright is the correct legal term].  You have to go back to 1907-1910 or so to guarantee that the photos are truly public domain.  

      There's another complicating layer, however, as well.  The owning instutution has the right to make a reproduction of images in their collection, and then charge both reproduction fees (as well as publication costs) on those images, even if the original photograph was taken before ~1910.  So the Met in New York can still charge for reproductions of painings that are hundreds of years old, because they own the art and reproduction rights (even though copyright doesn't apply).  So images from the 1930s are covered by both copyright law, as well as subject to reproduction issues of the current owner.

      Those rights/regulations vary from collection to collection, and even within a library or collection from photograph to photograph.  I found this out the hard way while compiling a book of historical images!  The paperwork is astounding.  Just because the American Memory collection posts (or links to) these images does NOT mean they are public domain. It's a wonderful thing they are doing (and I've used this resource extensively) - but it's best to not abuse their good nature too much ;)

      That being said, it's a FANTASTIC collection, and this is by far the most beautiful diary I've seen all week.

      The flip side to this is that most collections will allow you, in fact, to license images.  So yes, publish a coffee table book!!!!

    •  yes...make a book.... (0+ / 0-)

      these are fabulous

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