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    that bring many memories flooding back. Of particular interest to me is the one of the corrals at the C+A ranch in Montana.  I grew up on a similar place in western South Dakota, which looks a good deal like what you see in the photo.  The shot also shows something else, which I suspect many of you did not notice.  What you may think is a windmill is no such thing:  it's a wind charger.  From the late 30s until the mid-50s these wind-powered electrical generators were the sole source of power for people living far from the nearest power lines.  They provided either 32v or 110v direct current, which was sufficient to run lights, a radio, a water pump, and a washing machine.  Refrigerators and water heaters were always run on propane (bottled) gas because the wind chargers couldn't provide enough juice for them.  Furnaces and kitchen ranges were either wood/coal-fired or propane.

    To those of you who still think it's a windmill:  if it were one, you'd see a long pole-like object extending down from the windmill head at the top to the bottom of the tower, beneath which would have been a well.  Moreover, the propeller would have looked like a large fan.  This one is far too small and thin to power the type of pump that was used in windmills.

    -7.13 / -6.97 "The people never give up their liberties but under some delusion." -- Edmund Burke

    by GulfExpat on Thu Dec 07, 2006 at 11:58:53 AM PST

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