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    missreporter, Prison4Bushco

    but you deserve a standing ovation.  It may get kind of tough during the course of orgamnizing depending upon the company you work at and whether or not they hire union busters.

    I want to let you know that if you are seen by management as being "on the fence" the union busters tell them it's a sign of weakness and they might harrass you.

    If yhat does happen, let me know or talk to somebody in your family that might have been union or a friend who is or was.  You will be getting bombarded with black is white, up is down, the sky is green crap.

    hang in there.  Ther eis a reason they do all that and that is because a union contract does mean something.

    •  i work at a public university (3+ / 0-)
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      foxfire burns, PaulVA, qwertman

      and my class of employees -- professional administrative staff -- are the only class that is not unionized.

      so i don't know if this is the right environment for union busters. everyone else is represented by someone -- the faculty, the secretaries, the custodians, the teaching assistants, the part-time lecturers.

      i'm not too concerned. i am staunchly pro-union.

      what's tough, and what i wrestled with, is that i am not unhappy in my job. my direct supervisors are fabulous people. very flexible and understanding, and also very supportive and encouraging. many of my colleagues feel the same way. so they say, "why do we need a union?" well, there has been talk about the state legislature making us pay more for our health benefits, and as I said, our salaries, pre-organizing effort, were going to remain stagnant. and there are a whole host of other issues that a union can address -- first and foremost for me being the lack of upward mobility in the hierarchical structure and the way internal hires are punished (basically if you are hired to a position that is two or three paygrades above your current one, you are only going to get a five percent raise, whereas someone coming from the outside could be hired at tens of thousands of dollars more -- that just strikes me as unfair and a disincentive to stay with the institution and move up).

      the university is always screaming "DUES! DUES! They want your $$$!!!!!" But that doesn't fly with me. I know the benefits will be worth it, and I know I won't miss the few hundred bucks per year.

      Thanks for your support!!!

      "I'm insane with rage and grief...But I also feel more connected than I ever have."
      Maryscott O'Connor

      by missreporter on Sat Dec 09, 2006 at 05:12:34 PM PST

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