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  •  notes on the Phillipina Nurses (1+ / 0-)
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    several thoughts on this part of the thread:
    First, generically, the US in general and California in particular, do not train enough nurses to meet our needs.  So we draw in nurses from other places.  Many countries in the third world, especially India and several African countries struggle to train enough nurses to meet their own needs and then see those nurses lured away by much higher salaries in the US.  This is a profoundly immoral process.
    The Phillipines, on the other hand is a bit of an outlier in this process.  They look on Nurses as an export commodity.  They train far more nurses than they need for their domestic market, with the expectation that the excess will migrate to the US and that the remittances sent home by those nurses will help to support the Phillipine economy.  Many Phillipina nurses working here are supporting several members of an extended family back home.  I would also note that the Phillipina nurses are great to organize.  they are smart, strong, and have a great internal network.  There are only a few really large nursing schools and the alumni tend to keep in touch with each other.  so if you organize one hospital with some Phillipina nurses, when you go to organize the next one, you already have a built in network of contacts.

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