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    I saw the diary yesterday re: your son - I'm so glad to hear that he is recovering.  How very frightening for the whole family.  Life is so fragile.  Didn't get a chance to comment then...

    On Mike's topic - I sure hope the beltway Dems don't sell out the party and ideals for their ambitions.  I've never trusted Rahm - and I have such hopes for the new Congress.  Don't we all though...

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      clammyc, blue armadillo

      for your kind words.

      He's leaving the hospital today and staying at his mother and step-dad's house for a few more days before flying home.

      Now, that he's okay I feel that I can get involved again and it feels good.

      Back on-topic: I'm glad that people are holding Democrats to the same standard as we've held the Republicans to. Being a Democrat doesn't mean we want to win using any means because that makes us no different than the Republicans.

      I think the more we all get involved and call them out to explain themselves the better. They've been so used to operating in the shadows and some haven't gotten the message that we won't put up with the same crap they got away with in the past.

      -4.25, -6.87: I can finally change my sig because the forest fire of the right is over and we're left mostly cleaning up.

      by CanYouBeAngryAndStillDream on Mon Dec 11, 2006 at 06:25:05 AM PST

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        And check out the committee project that has been simmering here on DKOs since the election - you may have missed the initial flurry of discussion, but it is getting organized and there is a new diary about it Here.  

        I sure would like to see this committee oversight project really take off. (And I hope they can help make that stuff understandable to a non-wonk like myself!) It's an ambitious job, but there are so many Kossaks that have signed on. It sure looks promising!

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