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    You wrote down what I said but didn't process it. I didn't defend it. Simply making an observation is not a defense. Just because I said they were making it political doesn't mean I was.

    But having defended my statement let me try again to explain what I meant. I failed before.

    I can understand being stuck between a rock and a hard place. Do you not give some weight to the fact that Foleygate contributed to the fall of the Republicans? I'm not saying it was THE reason but it contributed to it.

    Had Foley not been exposed then the Republicans could've kept the House and the Senate. How many more people would've died because of that?

    I'm a big believer in doing the right thing and letting the consequences follow but it's not always black and white and people make mental calculations of the tradeoffs. Now, don't go off on me again for understanding this; understanding is not acceptance.

    Now, I'm not a Rahm defender because I happen to think he's too slimy but I'm trying to discuss this from all sides rather than be part of the crowd yelling "Burn him, burn him".

    -4.25, -6.87: I can finally change my sig because the forest fire of the right is over and we're left mostly cleaning up.

    by CanYouBeAngryAndStillDream on Mon Dec 11, 2006 at 06:18:35 AM PST

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