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View Diary: Expert alleges Anthrax attacks covered up by FBI (279 comments)

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  •  Not so sure about the Globe, but (6+ / 0-)

    the National Enquirer seems to be one of the few remaining sources of investigative journalism -- in the areas it chooses to cover -- in the country.  Now how perverse is that?!

    •  it's absolutely fascinating how the tabs work (4+ / 0-)

      One legacy of the OJ trial is the way paid journalistic sources are locked into statements (and paid). These arrangements have been tested, in public and in private. There is an art to negotiating them.

      The Globe is a far cry from the Weekly World News. In fact, it has come after Bush in waves -- this is not the first story on the subject of Bush's drinking and the couple's troubled marriage. If you read this week's issue carefully, you will see how the Globe has ratcheted up the stakes, and has begun to justify its sourcing by hinting of a tell-all memoir in the works, that the sourcing is very high, etc. That's code for we've locked in our witnesses, and you better know we're not bullshitting. (Whether the source really is in the Administration, why, that's another story.)

      Look at the track record, how airtight stories like this have been for the past decade. How many successful suits against the tabs have you seen? There's a reason for that. And obviously, the Bush drinking story has more than one witness.

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