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  •  Bruce, here's another to add to your list (0+ / 0-)

    Boosting exports by making our products more attractive
    Cutting imports with some form of tarrif
    Cutting imports with some form of non-tarriff barrier
    Depressing the US exchange rates to make exports cheaper and imports more expensive
    Boosting balanced trade, to grow the economy relative to the trade deficit

    Educating every citizen in America as to not buy imports because of the consequences.

    When America fails the leaders, the wealthy, etc. will receive their fair share of blame. Big fucking deal, who will really give a damn?

    Bottom line, every American has given permission for our great country to be raped, plundered and destroyed.

    We are all guilty.

    We neglected the treasure bestowed upon us.

    Our military is "paid" to defend us. They are "volunteers". Think about that, Folks.

    Truth: Every Mom and Dad, every son and daughter will be paying for the rest of our lives and the rest of their lives.

    NEVER, I repeat, NEVER has a country exhibited such profound ignorance. Absolutely pathetic.

    Once again the song is sung, I love my kids, I want something better for them, I love them more than life itself.

    In a word, b u l l s h i t!

    If we "love" them, why do we treat them so poorly?

    Get the urge to purge!

    by 0hio on Wed Dec 13, 2006 at 05:30:54 PM PST

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