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  •  There's a raft of bad ideas (0+ / 0-)

    let's see, we should eliminate property taxes on the most subsidized industry, farming, while retaining them on commercial stores, unsubsized mom-and-pop business, struggling to keep prices competitive. somehow, the writer doesn't seem to realize that high property taxes on commercial property [in arizona it's 25% of assessment vs only 10% for residential property] raises the price of goods for everyone. this is especially onerous for low and moderate income people.

    farming is a business. why shouldn't they pay taxes? i know a number of farmers, all millionaires. if you want to protect farmers, simply offer them good, federally-sponsored insurance. if you want an egalitarian tax base for schools, use income tax to spread the largess universally, rather than locally thru property taxes.

    one way to increase the revenue base is to increase the taxes on upper income and corporations, which has been slashed by the conservatives in recent years.

    why shouldn't low income people buy processed food with their food stamps. lately, fresh produce has been killing people with e-coli, hepatitis, and salmonella. what's so healthy about that? maybe there should be a booze stamp issued concurrently with food stamps. hey, it's depressing being poor. let's drink out way to happiness. now, there's a good idea.

    •  i know a lot of farmers (0+ / 0-)

      None get any subsidies at all -- well, one through the Northeast Dairy Compact, if you call that one. Mike grows vegitables, Hannah, Hugh and Karl do CSA, biodynamic, Hawthorne Valley too, sell raw milk at the store--

      No one and they all pay property taxes every year. If you buy a printing press, you only pay taxes on it once. To a farmer, land is a machine. Why do they have to pay every year?

      I don't know about Arizona, but I bet there are thousands of farmers with no subsidies. Most. Not corn farmers-- we don't havet those here.

      Property taxes are no good. Income and sales taxes are better.

      Anyway, I don't say anyone shouldn't but processed food. But what should the state help pay for? Why not get people who need help buying food a hand up to buy some local fresh stuff while helping to create agricultural reserves near population centers for when/if the crash comes and people will be hungry?

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