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View Diary: LGF Beats Daily Kos? Are you kidding? (376 comments)

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  •  Very childish, but Instructive (2+ / 0-)
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    LisaDawn82, xjac

    Yes, this voting is very chidishh, but it points to a very critical observation, the DKos community can mobolize quite quickly, and is indeed quite large and committed.  With all the talk about how DKos can be improved, changed, etc., may I add a suggestion, that somehow the DKos community have a way of contacting its members by way of a mass/group email. I would prefer it be rather limited as I hate group email generally as so much of it is crap. However, if one can sparingly limit its use, it may be very useful in being better able to moblize the DKos community.  

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