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  •  But they they don't link to us (0+ / 0-)

    The funniest thing is in a package on us there are no links.

    What I've read of the stories (mostly by Lev Grossman) has been pretty good.

    Bujt I'll read the entire package when I get the issue - it is still easier to read print particularly when there are no links from any of the articles.

    If they had put links in people who haven't been following these issues could have easily seen a lot of what they were writing about (yes, people will google some things, but not everything).

    Like this piece on Ali Khurshid and his photos on flickr

    It wouldn't have taken much to include a link to his photos

    and to Lavannya Goradia who is quoted in the piece

    and that is just one brief article.  There are many more examples.

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