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  •  The economics of people-power, not the tools (1+ / 0-)
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    ignatz uk

    I think Time was brilliant in its choice. It's not the tools but the economics of people power that allow it to happen.

    Granted the wrong tools like Friendster fail while the right tools like MySpace succeed, but the tools are not unique. And not only that but people-power is not just politics. Which tools in what area of people power would you single out?  It would distract from the more important point that they are all tapping into the new "social economy" that the Internet makes possible in everything from politics to media to cultural production.

    The new social economy is the much bigger point that Time is brilliantly highlighting by focusing on the people. What is economics after all but the way people interact and make choices?

    Yes people-power happened with tools, but highlighting and illustrating the new economics of how people are able to interact in the new world of people power is much more fitting given how revolutionary this all is. And politics is only one piece of a much broader puzzle.

    People-power does not have a Lenin or even a Marx. Time figured that out, so good for them.

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