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View Diary: It is not yet 07 - please stop obsession with 08 (79 comments)

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    Let's see . . .

    I first wrote about Howard Dean on a political BBS I used to frequent in July 2002, which would be this cycle's equivalent to July 3, 2006, some 5 months ago.  In doing so, there was no more hint of obsession by me or anyone who responded than is evident here.  It was merely one topic of conversation amid all the other topics -- both politically oriented and not.  Indeed, such discussion represented the early attempts to define the field of candidates and issues and where each converged with the other.  For many it also served as a winnowing process to eliminate other less acceptable candidates.  Early on, for instance, most all of us (in spite of the fact that we were unable or unwilling drop our connections politicians and/or institutions into the conversation) agreed that Lieberman was a complete bust and that Kerry would likely be a rather weak candidate if he were to gain the nomination.

    In any event, there is absolutely nothing wrong in looking with a more longitudinal view at the '08 elections.  It tends to give depth as well as range to one's point of view.  

    But, hey, if it's obsessions you wish to talk about, . . .

    On second thought, that's probably best left for another day.

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