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  •  Padilla's hell is a Catch 484... (8+ / 0-)

    ...(22 squared).  

    Even Joseph Heller would be amazed.

    God how I want these criminals to be punished.  (If you wonder what criminals I'm talking about, you need to cut back on your coolaid).

    Thanks for a great catch, DT.  And by the way, what ever happened to that other right wing dirty bomb case from Texas about 3 or 4 years ago?  A guy was actually selling them to rednecks out of the back of his station wagon or something.  They caught him red handed (pun, if you like).  Newsworthy? Nah.

    And there are a half a dozen others that have slipped by like that.  Jesus.  It's like the Keystone Kops got gene-spliced with the SS.

    Jorge's a renegade; there's blood on his hands, oil in his arteries and cyanide inside his glands...

    by nailbender on Mon Dec 18, 2006 at 09:14:01 PM PST

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