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    These climbers were very experienced at high altitude climbing, picked a great weather window by all indications at the time they started, and were properly equipped. They knew they were participating in an activity that might lead to their deaths, which they accepted. They were a part of the community of climbers, which looks after its own (and tries to rescue inexperienced non-climbers with the exact same effort). If the volunteers in Mountain Rescue wish to risk their lives looking for these climbers (at their own expense), it's because they believe in climbing, and would want the same done for them.

    As was said upthread, the helicopter flights are the best training missions these pilots will ever get, and would be done anyway.

    We are not talking about some drunks in trucks on a lake. We are talking about an urge that is intrinsic to human nature: the desire to put one's life on the line to experience this amazing planet. If you think you can do that from your couch, maybe you need more rescuing.

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