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  •  So true... (none)
    I hear people all the time say things like "America has never started a war" or "America would never commit such atrocities..we're different," etc.  It's very strange:  an empire that denies it's an empire; a country founded in violence which denies it is violent; an aggressive country which claims it's not aggressive; a proselytizing nation (for Democracy, Capitalism, Globalization, whatever) which claims it just wants everyone to be free to live as they want to live.  I could go on and on.

    As far as Guatemala is concerned, my wife and I spent 3 weeks studying Spanish there and living with a local family back in 1997.  We both absolutely fell in love with that breathtakingly beautiful country which has suffered so much over the past few decades.  Sad but true:  the United States was largely responsible for much of the terror that engulfed Guatemala -- and El Salvador (and Colombia, and Nicaragua, and Cambodia, and...).  How many Americans have any clue?  How many Americans WANT to have any clue?  And we wonder how George W. Bush can be supported by 45% (or more) of Americans?

    "Despite all your rage, you're still just a rat in a cage."

    by lowkell on Mon May 10, 2004 at 02:43:53 PM PDT

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    •  We are now (none)
      committing the the greatest moral and geopolitical failure in a generation.

      Whoops.  We did it again.

    •  Another contradiction: (none)
      As Mort Sahl once observed, it is amazing that a nation that celebrates the fact that it was born of a revolution, denies people in other nations the right to have their own revolutions.

      But what is it Townsend said?  "Meet the new boss--same as the old boss."

      It seems to be the human condition that when people are down and oppressed and threatened they struggle to be free.  And, once liberated, end up oppressing others.

      Thus, the ancient Athenians (along with their fellow Greeks) fought off the attempts by the Persians to conquer and enslave them  . . . only to eventually subjugate the various city-states in the Aegean Sea into their own empire, and then attempt to subjugate the whole island of Sicily into it as well.

      Human beings can really suck.

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