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    We are a nation that will accept WarWithoutEnd because, darn it, it's interesting, exciting, and keeps us longing for more.

    I'd like to make one observation... I doubt that we'd accept WarWithoutEnd if it affected our daily lives. What we like are gladitorial conflicts, bloodshed on TV, and anything to keep instilled the idea that the USA is the "greatest country in the world"... especially the third world.

    As soon as you imply that it should involve some sacrifice, especially one that impacts your daily routine... and you'll see that Americans are just like everyone else in the world. Add to that a bit of spilt blood, maybe their own... and suddenly Americans sue for peace.

    It's just that we have not really had the apin and torture of war drilled into us, since the Civil War... long time, and people forget (now the main remembrances of that eevnt are re-enactments... where's the pain and bloodshed in that?). In Europe, World War 2 is still fresh in everyone's minds, because the education system and cultural memory instills it into them. Perhaps they will lose their memory in a few decades as well.

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    by sacrelicious on Mon May 10, 2004 at 06:08:01 PM PDT

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