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  •  Domincan Republic (none)
    That reminds me of our intervention in the Domincan Republic.  My Mom was in the peace corp down there when they had their revolution, so I had first hand accounts from her and my ex officio aunt Tati, who is one of my Mom's closest friends who lives down there.  I got to speand a few months down there, and it is one of the best experiances of my life.

    Basic story:  We support asshole facist Dictator Trujillo, cause he is "anti communist".  He is such an asshole that we wack him.  Dominicans finally elect a guy that the people want.  Trujillo's General old pals overthrow him.  Peasants revolt.  Generals call the peseants and the defunct leader Communist.  US kills a shit load of peasants who were about to actually take their country back.  Old pal of Trujillo gets "elected" and stays the "elected" leader for the next 24 years, while robbing the country blind.

    To talk to people who know the ravages of War and evil Dictators, you know that it is something that you can't take lightly.  You also know that the line "they hate us becuase of our freedoms" is a total joke.  You also know that most people are just trying to get by in life.  Freedom is a luxary that most would give up or refuse just to have peace and order and be able to live without War and violence.  That is true freedom.  Everything else is just coffee shop talk and political Imperialistic bullshit.

    "We reject kings, presidents and voting. We believe in rough consensus and running code." ~ Dave Clark (1992)

    by charlesdog12 on Mon May 10, 2004 at 08:46:08 PM PDT

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