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View Diary: It's official: Lieberman and Co. lied about "hacking" (250 comments)

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    .It took 2 bloggers at Lamont headquarters with a little know how 15 minutes to figure out the 15.00 a month service Liebermans campaig had purchased was why the site was down.

    As a system admin who works on campaigns, I've done extensive research on the Lieberman website crash.

    One point that everyone in this community has missed is that no one proved shit about the functionality of the website after the crash.  Their hosting server was still responding to pop and smtp logins, but that doesn't mean mail was being transferred to the website.

    I would focus on the statement made by, I think DG said it, that even without a website running, activating the joe2006 account put the server in the redline.  If I was willing to give Joe2006 the benefit of the doubt, I'd say the Mambo 5.3 engine they were running on contained a vulnerability in the code used to submit a form, or it revealed the MySQL password that connects to the database, thus the server could still be overwhelmed even without an actual website running.

    If there were no hackers involved at all, this statement must be an out and out, total and complete fabrication.

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    by winstnsmth on Thu Dec 21, 2006 at 05:46:23 AM PST

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