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    To be a liberal DOES NOT mean being for big government programs, state intervention and single payer healthcare as a matter of ideology.

    While that's certainly the philosophy I espouse defining the word "liberal" is more than just making an assertion as to what it means.  I think you will find that pretty much any political definition means something slightly different to each person and, oddly enough, you will find that each person believes that it lines up with their own views.

    Thus, Markos is able -- apparently with a straight face -- to declare the Democrats the Libertarian party.  Some progressives (such as myself) claim Howard Dean or Michael Bloomberg as our model, others Hugo Chavez.  Some conservatives are ready to sell our civil liberties lightly, others work with the ACLU to protect them.

    Some liberals are dogmatic about their policy prescriptions and some are pragmatic.  Rather than having yet another meaningless argument over what "liberal" means, I would instead argue in favor of pragmatism.

    As far as a Democratic appeal to Libertarians I feel the most honest and fruitful approach is not to try to convince Libertarians that we agree with them on most issues but rather to point out that where we disagree the Republicans are generally much worse.  The news from the last six years is not that Libertarian interests run in parallel with liberal ones, but that that they are in opposition to Republican interests.

    Don't blame me -- I voted for Weicker.

    by LarryInNYC on Thu Dec 21, 2006 at 08:03:39 AM PST

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