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  •  Re: Financial parity in sight (none)
    I notice you didn't bother with the third in the name troika, "Scaife". I love the way conservatives think that by selectively choosing which names to pick, they think everyone will just magically forget it.

    You also convieniently forgot my other point, which is that even if we did drop all limits on "hard" money, and required donation tracking, it still wouldn't end this stuff. There will still be numerous folks who will try to hide their donations by funding TP groups. Your own poster boy, Scaife, is a perfect example. I don't think anyone is confused about where and how much Soros is dropping, but Scaife slips his under the table as much as possible.

    The reality is, divisive figures, or folks who got their money in questionable ways will generate TP groups anyway. Look at Bush's 2000 run, and his crooked Silver Millionaire buddies that created multiple front organization to hide their multi-million $ ads. They knew they were toxic if disclosed, so they faked it. Casino money, Tobacco, etc...will pull the same trick.

    So your proposed "solution" would fix nothing, except it would let you tap into your millionaires wallets. And for all the talk and phony posturing, that's really what you folks want.

    The reality is that there are ways one can limit "soft money". You'll never stop it, just as you'll never stop murder, rape, etc...but you can sure elimate 90%+ of it. Simple. Make the laws have teeth. If you don't disclose who really did the ad, you get 20 years in prison, no parole. Ditto if you coordinate with the campaign (and the campaign staffer who did that goes down as well). Almost no one will risk that kind of penalty to cheat the rules. Oh, and lower the individual maximum to $1K on the hard side.

    That would drive out a lot of the crooked long green in 5 seconds.

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