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  •  Re: Financial parity in sight (none)
    This happens because Dean understands how to frame the issues in such a way that lots of people want to donate to him.  This skill is not transferable and won't get picked up by another Democrat.

    Which is why he will do far better than the naysayers predict. When the Wurlitzer tries to tar him with civil unions, Howard will tell the story of the 80-year-old gay WWII veteran in Illinois who thanked him for his courage in signing the civil unions bill.  And he will conclude by saying that it's not right for those who haven't sacrificed for their country to determine the rights of those who have.

    Evry time I read/hear a speech or a news report, Howard seems to bring almost every issue back to an issue of fairness. American want to think that after everything else, they are fair minded people.  You can't lose appealing to folks' sense of fair play.

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