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  •  Re: Campaign Jingoism! :) (none)
    I just see no evidence that those dollars are out there, absent the small dollar machine that is the core of the Dean campaign.  Clinton spent two years plus fundraising as an unopposed incumbant President and only raised $30 million.  The notion that a candidate can mount a nationwide campaign in the thirty states that will vote by March 2 and effortlessly raise money is something that will have to be demonstrated and not asserted.  The Clark campaign is boasting about raising $800,000 per week.  At that rate they wouldn't be busting the caps anyway.

    Nor is it clear to me that a candidate that can marshal $45 million would be coming out of March dead broke in any event.  What could they spend their money on that Clinton didn't?  Remember that we are talking 50% more money than either Clinton or Dole spent during their campaigns.

    The Bush dollar juggarnaut is more propaganda than reality, people can only watch so many campaign ads without tuning out.  And the stories that they intended to use a great deal of this money for GOTV efforts nationwide assumes that they will still have a story to tell.  My working assumption is that CNN and network news will be a non-stop anti-Bush campaign ad anyway - Iraq is not going to get any better than you or me predicted last February.

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