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    They still need to worry about the fruitcakes that Bush will recess-appoint to various agencies, but now they have to worry about the Democrats as well.

    It's very obvious to me that the so-called "media" find it easier to trash and bash the Dems (on the whole).  They've transparently and repeatedly given georgie and the rest of the Cons free passes and lobbed softball questions these past 6 years.  They've highlighted Tom Delay, etal, as bastions of our communities, and they've buried so many horrific-yet-REAL news stories to protect the Cons.

    Now that the Dems have resumed control of Congress, you can bet your sweet patootie that the so-called "media" will find their teeth again.  They HAVE to in order to appease the Cons.  Anything and everything they can do to bad-mouth, diminish, and insult the Dems will be done.  I'm guessing that they're starting now with this failed president and some of the lamest of the Cons that are beyond redemption so they can call themselves "fair and balanced".  It's easier to masquerade the real trashing that will begin in January.

    Our so-called "media" is so very compromised and biased toward the Cons that it really makes me sick.  I wish they had REAL integrity...but of course, that's just way too much to ask.

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