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View Diary: CNN picks up the Christian Embassy video story (159 comments)

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    And tell such people that truth is relative and has three sides- the promoters, detractors, and the actual fact.

    And then I remind them that the Pharisees that Jesus was dissing in Matthew behaved just like they are behaving.

    I believe in Peace Through Superior Firepower, firepower in my case being a thorough and intensive study of both the Bible, its history and contradictions, and the history of the various Christian sects. I've taken tests where I run rings around theological seminarians. I know more about Christianity and its history than most Christians. And that tends to shut them down and shut them up.

    Blow 'em up with their own bombs, I say. The look of utter stunned surprise on their faces when you nail 'em with their own hypoChristian theology is worth putting up with them.

    Everything is theoretically impossible, until it is done. --R. A. Heinlein

    by Sunfell on Sun Dec 24, 2006 at 09:42:06 AM PST

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