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    Phoenix Woman, GoSlash27, kd texan

      A lot of missing data and assumptions here.

      Obviously, Wonkette didn't invent those pictures (although they did supply the captions).  So where do they come from?  Wonkette (not a "she" anymore, btw) needs to supply the page where it says "Published by the National Rifle Association".  

      However, you have nothing going for your argument that this is not an NRA publication other than your own assumptions about what sort of organization the NRA is and what it stands for.  Whereas for all you know, the NRA has taken a sudden turn to the right; or you've been wearing blinders about what the NRA is all this time.

      Me, I'm reserving judgment for the time being.  But I see no clear reason to suppose that this can't be an NRA publication.

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