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  •  As a matter of fact, no. (3+ / 0-)
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    LynnS, LeftOverAmerica, kestrel9000

    I believe in small, responsible, and ethical government and I don't vote anybody's party line.

    Another question in response to yours:
    Is this issue so divisive that it can't be argued on it's own merits without villifying the opposition? And if so, isn't that a direct insult to the intelligence of all parties involved in the debate?

    I would caution you against lumping "the 4 Gs" together as you have done above. Republicans may, in the main, be in lockstep on these matters...but it does not necessarily follow that people within these sub-groups subscribe to all.
    Example: myself. Pro-gun, pro-gay marriage, pro-energy independence, and pro-separation of church and state. I don't "consistently deliver" for any party and there's more like me than you might suspect.


    •  it is my position (1+ / 0-)
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      that the Republican Party in its current incarnation, and its adherents in power, have committed serious breaches of Constitutional, statutory, and international law in great number, and any Republican is to be opposed for election to any office, or subjected to intense scrutiny if in office currently,  on the basis of party affiliation ALONE, until this situation is remedied.
      It doesn't matter how much I like part or all of your policies, if you're a Republican, that's a problem.
      That said, I am pro all your pros.

    •  That is so NOT the point... (0+ / 0-)

      I would caution you against lumping "the 4 Gs" together as you have done above.

      I said nothing that implied that a pro-gun advocate is necessarily also anti-gay, etc. You may think you heard me say that; if so, read again. I said groups obsessed with any of the 4Gs...

      Much of the problem, IMO, has to do with single-issue "values voters". It does not matter whether, say, a right-to-lifer is also a pro-gun advocate and so forth. What matters is that emotional attachment to one issue--whether abortion, guns, xenophobia, homophobia, satanism or whatever--is enough to guarantee a vote for bad government.

      And it doesn't even matter whether the candidate for election is in a position to do anything about the particular hot-button issue. Consider, for example, people who vote for pro-life school board candidates. Exactly how is this supposed to advance the so-called cause? Should they pass a school policy against abortions in art class?

      If positions on the 4Gs were not heard by many voters as codewords implying correlations with hidden values, why would someone running for county commissioner or the town council spend money to get out the word that s/he is pro-life, pro-gun, pro-death penalty and homophobic?

      It matters not whether the listener buys into the whole list; what matters is that the list includes the target's hot button.

      •  Disagree. (0+ / 0-)

        I mean,...I see your point, but it's not borne out in my experience.
        You asked me directly if my opinion on this matter drives me to be willing to vote for bad government repeatedly.
        The answer is no.

        I feel it's a mistake for the Democratic party to disregard (and occasionally attack) the 2nd Amdt, but I don't just vote that one issue.

        I like my guns and believe in the primacy of the Bill of Rights, but that doesn't force me to vote Republican in the face of all their problems.

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