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    I don't buy the "attractive nuisances" argument, but even so, I make efforts to keep my guns locked up. It's not that I think they'll attract criminals, but that I don't want my drug-addict brother-in-law getting his hands on them when he stops by.

    I am the sole judge of what my guns are worth for me. I own them for self-protection and sport (not hunting). For me, keeping them locked up is a small price to pay for owning them.

    I get a lot of junk mail from insurance companies and people who want to peddle their junk to me. I don't get junk mail from right-wing nuts. Again, I have to assume that either (a) they're cross-checking my name against other lists they've bought to better target their market, or (b) the NRA isn't selling my name to right-wing nuts. I don't have any particular opinion as to which of these is the case, but OTOH you have yet to show that either is more true than the other.

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