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    But I'll tell you who needs 'em: We do. And I'll tell you why:

    #1 Because the police are not responsible for our safety. If you ever have the misfortune (and I fervently hope you don't) of losing a loved one to criminal activity, try suing the police for not being there.

    #2 Because well-armed citizenry commands ethical behavior from government. I guarantee that if the Democrat rank-and-file was as pro-gun as the Republicans we never would have had to put up with the last six years of unconstitutional excess.

    But most importantly,

    #3 It doesn't matter "who needs 'em". We have been guaranteed the right to keep and bear 'em by our government and I, for one, intend to hold them to it and exercise my rights as an American citizen until such time as the 2nd Amdt is repealed.

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