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    Louise, godislove

    Merry Christmas to Markos and family. Enjoy yourselves this holiday!

    My almost 7 year old spent the whole month of November and most of December talking about the XMen laptop computer he saw in a Radio Shack circular back around Halloween. I am not the sort of mother to shop early so I didn't get the Xmen laptop while it was available. He's getting the Vtech's just a game machine. But he came home the last week of school talking about Gameboy - he heard about that from one of his friends. Argh. I'd already bought the laptop by then.

    My 5 year old talked obsessively for a month about a play carpet, (has town with streets on it, for running cars around and building structures with blocks and laying out all your animal and people characters on the streets). He picked out the one he wanted from Lakeshore Learning (a $50 item BTW); we ordered it online and it arrived just before Christmas; but by then he had started obsessing on a toy cheetah. He is sure that Santa is bringing him a toy cheetah.

    Santa couldn't find a toy cheetah so he's going to have to settle for a box full of forest animals in pairs, including one mountain cat (or is it a hyena? I haven't opened the box to examine)

    We're lucky. This is the first year they've had such specific requests. I hope they're happy tomorrow morning, and if they're not, let that be a lesson to them about consumerism. It's impossible to get true satisfaction out of stuff. The ego's demands are never satisfied....Harsh but true. You do the best you can, and in the end, they like the hand-me-down toy from the neighbors the best.

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