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    When Somalia got independence in 1960, the Ogaden region was given to Ethiopia and ethnic Somalians were ethnically cleansed from the region by Ethiopia. This led to Somalia invading Ethiopia in the 1970's in order to try and get the region back.
     Ethiopia won and the dispute was never really settled.
       However, the ICU is in no way capable of invading Ethiopia today. Hell, they would be hard-pressed to reign in Puntland, much less Somalialand.

     And yes, the Transitional Government is a puppet. Figure that for the first year of its existence, it never even came into Somalia. It was set up by foreign governments for rich exiles. Nothing more.

    "A man who won't die for something isn't fit to live." -MLK

    by gjohnsit on Tue Dec 26, 2006 at 10:09:17 AM PST

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      In particular, Ogaden was under Ethiopian control since the reign of the father of Haile Seilasie, and there was no ethnic cleansing.

      What lead to the invasion by Somalia is the fact that Somalis were present in Ogaden, and it was rather natural for Somalian government to wish to include Ogaden in Somalia.  After the
      revolution in Ethiopia the government looked unstable and Somalian strongman had seen a chance, and indeed, the war started from Somalian successes.

      Another thing is that Ethiopia may be indeed vulnerable to a jihad, given a large number of Muslim minorities.

      The whole business is murky, but Ethiopians have some legal and some legitimate points (two different things) on their side.

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