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View Diary: Marine Mom: Tidings of Comfort (But Not Joy) (45 comments)

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  •  My son could not desert (9+ / 0-)

    I'm afraid gfv6800 is right: my son has taken a vow to protect his mates to the death. I doubt desertion would ever occur to him, at least not while he's young (20 yrs old) and optimistic. What is difficult for me to balance amid my fury about this war is that my son enlisted in the Marines of his own free will and prides himself on being apolitical, as do most Marines.

    I have confirmed this with a current NYTimes reporter who is also ex-Marine. Here's what he recently emailed me on this very topic: "Certainly there are many Marines, especially officers and older Marines, who follow politics closely and have strong political opinions, right and left. But these are generally unexpressed. The most common political expression was that there is no place for politics here. I'm cheered to hear that your son sees it that way; it's consistent with my experience, too - that this tends to be true of most of those in the Corps."

    I'm afraid I'm long past the opportunity to break my son's knees, which is what many other mothers advised.

    •  Bless Your Son Demetroula (3+ / 0-)
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      3goldens, uniongal, demetroula

      His job is to defend this country, in missions defined by his commander-in-chief, and approved by Congress (as it is supposed to work).  Today his mission is Iraq, tomorrow it could be anywhere else in the world where an attack might be launched against the US or others that we have teaties with.  That's enough of a burden to place on his shoulders--he's risking his life, he shouldn't also have to risk his current and future livelihood.

      It is the responsibility of the citizens of a democracy to select a competent and responsible commander-in-chief.  If that CIC is as sociopathic as the present one is, it is the job & responsibility of the citizens of that democracy to relieve him of command, by demanding loudly, insistently, and repeatedly that their elected representatives immediately take the necessary actions to stop Bush's folly.  

    •  My son won't talk of not going back either (3+ / 0-)
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      3goldens, Fury, uniongal

      It was suggested on another thread that he go AWOL before he goes back to Iraq.

      That just ain't gonna happen.

      His loyalty to his fellow soldiers is so strong and admirable. And he also doesn't talk politics (much).

      When he was in on leave during the summer he shook our State Rep's hand, on the courthouse steps, who said to my son "It's nice to meet you, we're so proud of you." Son asked his what he's doing to get them out of there.

      Wishing you and you son the best demetroula, but expect changes.

      When my son was home on leave a helicopter going over or a car parked beside the road took my son straight back to Iraq. He's changed.

    •  Bless you and your son. His unwillingness to (2+ / 0-)
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      uniongal, txlosthorn

      even contemplate desertion is an ironic testament to the fact that you instilled loyalty as a core value in your boy.  As I write this to you I am keenly aware that my son will be here for dinner tonight and then go to his home 5 minutes away.  I am so sorry that you don't have that right now...I'll add your son to the people in Iraq that I pray for every day.  I've had a nephew, a cousin, my son's college roommate and the children of friends over there.  Not my own.  I get the difference.

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