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  •  I agree with this (2+ / 0-)
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    tazz, Mary Mike

    My observations of younger people are the same.  They know nothing of how to survive when things begin collapsing (and they will..believe me).  My husband and I moved to a small rural town 17 years ago and we grow our food and eat buffalo.  My oldest son moved here a couple of years ago and is managing to live on a shoe string.  He did a garden this year and canned lots of tomatoes. His comment: "this is a lot of work".  And it is.  

    •  You know what the biggest knock I have of the (3+ / 0-)
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      3goldens, Sagittarius, old lady

      young of today? They have no humility yet. Have patience though. They'll learn that there are 2 major characteristics that lead to righteousness. A sense of humility and a sense of mercy. What makes DKos such an interesting place to visit is to read all the diaries and comments. There are more times than not I can tell the generation of the author. Not so much by the style or grammar of the piece. I would hope today's youth have more education than our generation. I can tell by the anger, intolerance and impatience of their writing. How they diss other ideas without trying to logically understand that other people have different experiences, and that there is something that can be learned from everyone, even republicans. They also think that only this time in history is the worst and most dire. As if we didn't have to deal with our own calamities and hard work. I respect the living off the land mentality and the hard work you must experience. You are obviously someone who leads their life by deeds rather than wishful thinking.

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