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  •  I hope memories aren't that short (2+ / 0-)
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    Yeah, it might play out that way, but then everyone has to conveniently forget how we got into this quagmire. Maybe 30% of the populace has the attention span of a MSM news cycle, but I'm thinking the rest of us are going to be remembering this mess for many years and it's going to rest squarely on GWB's pointed head. Hopefully, investigations into contracts and bids and war profiteering will help keep this in the frontal lobe of everyone's brain. This will tarnish the repubs because they were the ones handing out the bucks.

    You know, I'm usally pretty cynical about GWB and McCain, but here's my take. When we leave Iraq, GWB's place in the history books is going to read unanimously as the worst leadership disaster in U.S. history, and he knows it. The surge is a desperate act of a desperate man. Leaving seals his fate and he'll never bring himself to do it. I actually think McCain believed in the surge at one point and now it's too late to back down. He's always thought we left Viet Nam too soon. It's ironic that for once, he may be acting on principle and he's going to get his butt kicked over it.

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