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  •  Two paths (2+ / 0-)
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    auditor, ActivistGuy

    And Bush/Cheney chose the wrong one. When Iran signed major oil contracts with China, the writing was on the wall. These guys were going to secure Iraqi oil for the U.S. The other alternative was to agressively pursue energy independence, but we elected two oilmen to the White House and the thus the page was writ. Now, no one on either side is honestly dealing with the underlying issue, which isn't Iraqi independence. And the Dems, if they succeed in taking over all three branches in 2008, are going to be left with a major mess. Not only will the strategy have failed, but quite likely, we'll be in a worse position with regard to oil reserves as a result, and we'll have done nothing to ween Americans away from oil. This should be a major issue in the next elections, but what do you wanna bet it doesn't get honest discussion.  The truth is too devastating to share with the public, who don't want to hear negative news.

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      The SUV is a cultural totem of our civic religion on denial.  SPecifically, denial about living in an era of limits, of dwindling natural resources and an overstrained ecosystem.  There's also another subtext, as Americans are increasingly disempowered, increasingly subjects and consumers rather than citizens, we act out our powerlessness in aggressive posturing in our vehicles, giving us a transient (and meaningless) sense of power and control.  As anyone that's ever dealt with an addict or an alcoholic can tell you, the reaction you get when you challenge the elements of denial is unhinged.  That's why political and cultural leaders stay as far away from those challenges as possible.  Remember this:  it was the Clinton administration that extended the "light truck exemption" from CAFE standards to SUVs, opening the floodgates for that particular fetishism.

      Power lines have surges; unwinnable wars have escalations.

      by ActivistGuy on Wed Dec 27, 2006 at 08:41:16 PM PST

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